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CS-Script Plugin (CSScript.Npp)

This Notepad++ plugin requires .NET v4.0 or higher. 

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Starting from v1.3 plugin delivers full support for VB.NET syntax. More reading...  

 CodeProject article about CS-Script plugin

This plugin allows convenient editing and execution of the C# code (scripts).  It also allows the usual C# intellisense and project management tasks to be performed in a way very similar to the MS Visual Studio.

In addition to this, it provides generic debugging functionality (with the integrated Managed Debugger) as well as the ability to prepare C# scripts for the deployment packages (script+engine or self-contained executable).

Typically user opens the C# file with Notepad++ and after presses 'Load' button on the CS-Script toolbar the all features can be accessed through two Notepad++ dockable panels Project and Output panel. 


integrated debugger


Note: the default compiler engine of the plugin is Roslyn. The engine fully supports both C# and VB.NET syntax but there is some usability information for these syntaxes that you may need to be aware of. See C# 6 support for and VB.NET support details

  • Intellisense
    • CLR type members auto-complete (Ctrl+Space or type '.')
    • Add missing 'using' (Ctrl+.)
    • Show CLR type quick info. (Hover mouse over the type member)
    • Show Method Overloads popup. (F6 or type '(')
    • Go to definition (F12)
      - in the source code
      - in the reconstructed referenced assembly API interface (including XML documentation)
    • Smart Indentation
    • Formatting C# source code
    • CodeMap - panel with the class members of the current .cs document  
  • Based on 'plain vanilla' ECMA-compliant C# code
  • Inclusion of the dependency scripts via CS-Script directives
  • Implicit assembly referencing via automatic resolving namesspaces into assemblies
  • Explicit assembly referencing via CS-Script directives
  • Debug output interception
  • Console output interception
  • Conventional build/execution error reporting
  • Debugging
    - Step Over
    - Step In
    - Step Out
    - Set Next Statement
    - Toggle breakpoint
    - 'Call Stack' 
    - 'Locals' 
  • Preparing the script deployment package so it can be executed outside of Notepad++.  

The plugin is a part of CS-Script tools for Notepad++ suite. All details on the system requirements, installation and usage can be found on CS-Script.Npp home page.


After the installation start Notepad++ and click "Project Panel" button on the toolbar (or "Project Panel" menu item in the Plugins->CS-Script menu). 


Then Click 'New Script' button. The script is ready. Just press F5 and see the script being executed.



Certified with:


Softpedia guarantees that CS-Script for Notepad Notepad++ is 100% Free, which means it does not contain any form of malware, including but not limited to: spyware, viruses, trojans and backdoors.

This software product was tested thoroughly and was found absolutely clean; therefore, it can be installed with no concern by any computer user. 


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