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Plugin Manager v6.9.1 Fails to extract package


Note this problem has nothing to do with "Not compatible" issue#14.

Plugin Manager v6.9.1 fails to extract the package content correctly and doesn't even rich the stage of loading the plugin. Manual extraction of the plugin content into N++ plugins folder works perfectly.
Closed Sep 12, 2016 at 3:42 AM by oleg_s
After contacting N++ plugin manager team the cause of the problem became a bit more clear.

For unknown reason the actual plugin config file dispatched by PluginManager at runtime had invalid entry for CS-Script plugin. Specifically URL was pointing to the old binaries that were no longer available for download.

Unfortunately, instead of saying something more appropriate like "Th plugin is not available for download, please contact the plugin maintainer" the PluginManager reported the problem as "Plugin version is incompatible with Notepad++". And unfortunately it is still the way the plugins are downloaded/installed today.

Anyway, currently, thanks to PluginManager team, the issue is fixed and PluginManager downloads the correct latest plugin binaries..


oleg_s wrote Apr 19, 2016 at 8:16 AM

Manual Installation Procedure:

Running setup file
Use msi deployment package from Downloads page.

Manual copying
Alternatively advanced users can just copy files into 'plugins' folder. In many cases it's the most practical approach, though it has one caveat. Windows can lock content of the zip file downloaded from the Internet. And this in result can lead to the "Plugin is incompatible with this version of Notepad++" error. The following is the safe procedure for manual plugin installation
Download the plugin package file from the Downloads page.
Extract the content of the 'plugins' folder from the package into 'plugins' folder of Notepad++.
VERY IMPORTANT: Do not use neither WinRar, WinZip nor Windows to extract the package content as they all silently lock the assemblies extracted from the compressed container. Use 7z and extract files by drug'n'drop.

If you don't want to use 7z use any other appropriate archive application but ensure that .7z file is not locked before you extract any content as otherwise the content will also get locked.